Q&A with BBoy L.B from SMAC19

Ahead of the European Breaking Championships coming to Manchester next month, we caught up with Manchester based L.B Anton Phung, to get his thoughts on the event coming to his city, his history in the sport, and what the future of Breaking looks like.

What or who inspired you to get into breaking?

The first time I saw Breaking was on MTV in 1998 when I was still living in London, the track was Run DMC vs Jason Nevins - 'It's like that'. Being a 9 year old kid, I was drawn to it but had no idea what they were doing or what it was. It quickly became my favourite music video and song.

Fast forward 5 years, I now lived in Sheffield. A first generation Breaker named MC Nige from Sheffield taught a short course of Breaking at an after school club which I randomly attended. This led to continuing it with Mc Nige outside of school at a youth organisation project. Mc Nige was my biggest inspiration for a long time!

Who are your favourite Breakers (past or present)?

The most influential Breakers who inspired my journey in the past were; Physicx, Hong 10, Born, Remind, Cloud, Flea Rock, Luigi, Roxrite, Dyzee, Abstrak, Kerim Barouche, Maurizio, Poe One, Ken Swift. They are people who inspired me.

What do you love most about breaking?

The ability to travel, doing something unique, and connect with people who don't speak the same language but speak the same movement language as you.

Now an official Olympic sport for 2024, how do you account for the increase in recognition of Breaking?

It is a huge opportunity for Breaking to be highlighted on such a prestigious platform and to be recognised by a wider audience. I hope this will inspire the generations to come to indulge in such an amazing dance / sport!

What advice would you give to someone new to the sport, and what’s the best way for them to get involved?

Actively search for Breakers in your local city, reach out to the community of Breakers in the UK, and be ready to learn something special.

For someone new to breaking, describe the local Breaking community in Manchester.

The Manchester Breaking community is very welcoming, always willing to help and has a real sense of community. There are also classes where you can easily pick up Breaking at all levels.

What does the future hold for Breaking, where do you see the sport going, especially now it’s a recognised Olympic sport?

I think Breaking will be the 'new' cool thing to the mainstream audience. Big brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma and even Lacoste have already begun sponsoring athletes. It is going to be massive!

Don't miss the action in Manchester

The European Breaking Champions take place in Manchester between 5th & 6th November. Tickets are on sale now and start from £12 for adults and £7.50 for under 16's.

Secure your tickets here.

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