Become an officially licensed WDSF breaking judge

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

To become an official WDSF Breaking Judge candidates must obtain a WDSF Breaking Judges License by attending the annual judging congresses and passing the judging certification training.

To attend the judging congress candidates must complete the following steps:

1) Become a member of WDSF.

UK candidates can do this by becoming members of DanceSport England. (DSE)

Click Here for information on DSE/WSDF membership

2) Check the Judge’s Criteria and make sure you fulfil the requirements.

Click below to download the judge's criteria:

WDSF Adjudicators License Application Procedure for Breaking
Download PDF • 134KB

3) Send your interest to become a certified, licensed WDSF Breaking Judge, with the necessary information that fulfils the judge's application criteria, to DanceSport England.

Your WDSF/DSE membership number must also be sent, as proof of valid, up to date, DSE/WDSF membership.

Please send WDSF judging applications interest to:


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